[SOLVED] Economic Concepts Discussion

Find any Internet resources(one for each concept below, they can even be from famous journals or newspapers like a historical event, some affecting case, journalistic material, statistical or scientific research from google scholar) and describe everything in one economics essay (all information from sources should be in terms of economics), APA format, with the cover page and works cited list. Not less than 3 pages needed, not including the works cited list and the cover page. 1. Inflation is bad, but deflation may be worse. 2. Saving, investments, and their relationships to the international flows. 3. The prices for international transactions: real and nominal exchange rates (can be separated for two parts(real and nominal), in exchange for some of the concepts that are hard to find) 4. How monetary policy influences aggregate demand? 5. How fiscal policy influences aggregate demand? 6. Shifts in the Phillips curve: the role of supply shocks. 7. How policies and events affect an open economy: government budget deficits, trade policy, political instability and capital flight? (pick one, or in case you could not find sources for many the concepts above, pick the rest from this point number seven instead and make them separate concepts.)

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[SOLVED] Economic Concepts Discussion
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