[SOLVED] Personality Assessment Paper

A 4-page paper is required for this class in which you select a real person (living or dead) to do a personality assessment on. The person you select should be an individual for which you can research using books or other sources (i.e., someone well-known or famous; NOT a family member or friend). This paper should flow in a similar manner as your assigned book by McAdams (not the textbook).  Requirements:  • Step 1: Select real person (see above for restrictions)  • Step 2: Research person using credible sources (e.g., historical books, news sources, etc.)  • Step 3: Determine personality using three different approaches (e.g., biological, trait). If you are unsure which approaches to use, refer to Funder’s textbook. Each chapter outlines personality by a different approach.  • Step 4: Use research regarding the individual to provide evidence to support your personality assessment o Find 3 scholarly journal articles to review research in each approach (1 article per approach).  ?These are articles you would find on Google Scholar, PsycINFO, EbscoHost, etc. They are NOT online articles from Psychology Today, Wikipedia, or other websites.  ? You should find articles that discuss research in these areas generally… you do NOT need to find scholarly articles that discuss the individual you’re assessing. For example, if you are assessing Barack Obama and wish to apply the biological approach, you do not need to find a research article that talks about Obama and personality related to biology. You would only need to find two research articles that discuss studies related to biological personality. It’s your job, as the writer, to connect your opinion about what Obama’s biological components would be based on your research from him in historical texts and based on general information you learned about current research in personality psychology.  • One article about approach 1  • One article about approach 2  • One articles about approach 3  • Step 5: Write the paper in APA format and include title page. The Personality Puzzle (Funder, 2016). ISBN: 9780393600421 is the textbook that I use.

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[SOLVED] Personality Assessment Paper
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