[SOLVED] Relational Dynamics Discussion

For this assignment you can either examine a relationship you are in currently or a relationship that has already terminated (Note: the relationship does not have to be a romantic one). If you choose to discuss a relationship you are involved in currently, according to Knapp’s model of relational development, at what stage is the relationship? Describe the behaviors and communication patterns taking place at this stage. Use specific, relevant examples to explain. Examine and explore your relationship either using dialectical tensions (2-3), intimacy (dimensions, styles, influences), or self-disclosure (using social penetration model or Johari window or how disclosure or lack thereof) and how these affect the growth of your relationship. Use specific and relevant examples to support your analysis. Discuss your level of satisfaction at the current stage of your relationship and how you see the relationship progressing based on Knapp’s relational development model. If you choose to discuss a previous relationship that is now terminated, discuss the variables (using the guidelines above) that led to the relationship’s termination. Conclude with a thorough and complete discussion regarding what valuable lesson(s) you have learned about relationships and communication. Page Criteria:  This paper should reach two pages maximum. Use APA formatting.  Must include 2-3 outside sources to support your ideas Must include a reference page

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[SOLVED] Relational Dynamics Discussion
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