[SOLVED] Dance Video Review

Above is a link to part of one of the most well know classical ballets, “Romeo and Juliet”.  Using our two ballet terminology sheets and the ballet synopsis provided below, please write about the following: Provide historical context for the Ballet. Use the source provided as a starting point and explore as many sources as you can. Cite at least two credible sources for this section of your writing.  1) Who is the choreographer of this version of the ballet? 2) When was this version of the ballet choreographed? Describe in detail any differences and/or similarities between our class exercises and the video. Please use as much dance terminology as possible. 1) What sort of steps does the dancing consist of (jumps, turns, adagio, partnering etc.)? Please use the terms we have learned in class. 2) How does the execution of the steps in the video compare to our class? What is similar? What is different? Write a critique of the piece including all of the following: 1) How does the excerpt fit into the greater context of the ballet? Read the synopsis of the ballet before writing this part of the assignment. You can find the synopsis in the information link provided below. 2) What did the piece make you think and feel? 3) What kinds of movements did you see in the piece and how did they serve the greater purpose of the work? Where the movements executed well? 4) Describe the aesthetic elements of the piece. Feel free to comment and give your opinion on music, costumes, or other theatrical elements in addition to the dancing. 6) Give your overall opinion of the piece Information about the Romeo and Juliet ballet: https://www.mariinsky.ru/en/playbill/repertoire/ballet/romeo/  (Links to an external site.)

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[SOLVED] Dance Video Review
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