[SOLVED] Deviant Activity

Find a current event article that reports on some deviant activity.. In the introduction of the essay, summarize the article. And then proceed to answer the following question. The required page length is at least 4 pages not including cover & reference pages. APA is required for this assignment.  Students will receive a Turnitin report on plagiarism. It is very important to review the report & make any required changes so that unintentional plagiarism does not occur. 1. What is/are the deviant behavior(s)? (describe the action thoroughly be sure to cite & reference the source of the article). After the introductory paragraph include the heading Deviant Behavior & then describe the action & how it is discussed in the literature. The textbook must be cited & referenced. 2. How does this description of the deviant behavior fit with the social theory of deviance we are studying?  Be sure to cite & reference the textbook and or other sources according to APA style. It is important to reference Schaefer in the discussion of the social theory of deviance. The textbook must be referenced & cited. This would be the second heading. You might use  The Deviant Behavior and Social Theory as a heading. 3. What are the underlying social causes of the deviant act? If the cause is not apparent, you can hypothesize one. Here, you might use The Underlying Causes of this Behavior as a heading. 4. In your opinion, what are the social conditions that may have caused the behavior? Can society do anything to prevent it from happening?  Here you can be creative.  Wherever possible though, support your ideas with scholarly sources, including the textbook.

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[SOLVED] Deviant Activity
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