[SOLVED] Film Parasite Analysis

In this essay you will analyze the film Parasite directed by Bong Joon-ho in its entirety, paying particular attention to its overall narrative structure and how it achieves its effects through filmic language. It is not a plot summary: you will not be discussing what happens, but how it happens. Identity some kind of larger idea or theme tied to the film’s narrative structure and form. For example, maybe you think there’s a connection between Blade Runner’s neo-noir aesthetics and its gender politics.Develop an interpretative argument where you select key moments/scenes/formal aspects of your chosen film that illustrate this idea. Remember, what happens and how. While you will draw on the formal elements we’ve learned—mise-en-scene, editing, sound, cinematography—these are NOT in the driver’s seat in the body paragraphs or thesis statement. The body paragraphs should be organized around subpoints that develop your argument. Your thesis statement should not sound like this: The mise-en-scene, editing, and cinematography in Blade Runner all work together to… A topic sentence should not sound like this: The low-key lighting in Blade Runner creates a… More like this: Blade Runner employs neo-noir aesthetics throughout the film as part of its subversion of the femme fatale trope. The use of low-key lighting in scenes with Rachel…  For this paper, you are offering an interpretation of a film’s implicit meaning (review this concept from the narrative chapter). 1350 words minimum

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[SOLVED] Film Parasite Analysis
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