[SOLVED] Obama Speech Review

Read Obama’s speech here: A More Perfect Union  (Links to an external site.) . 2. Consider the key themes of self-reliance, race, identity, and education that Obama, Du Bois, and Washington discuss.  Choose ONE of the following prompts and use it to write a 700-900 word essay addressing three of those themes. Here are the prompts: THESIS STATEMENT ONE:  Barack Obama’s views are closely related to Booker T. Washington’s ideas (in terms of self-reliance, race, identity, education, other–choose only 3). THESIS STATEMENT TWO:  Barack Obama’s views are closely related to W. E. B. Du Bois’ ideas (in terms of self-reliance, race, identity, education, other–choose only 3) .  Be sure to use quotes from Obama’s speech—as well as from Washington and Du Bois—to support your perspective. Do not simply give your overall impression of Obama’s presidency; I encourage you to remain focused on the ideas in this speech.    Also, refrain from discussing the biographies of these men; you should be focused on their ideas in your essay.   CITATION: Please cite in MLA format  (Links to an external site.).

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[SOLVED] Obama Speech Review
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