[SOLVED] Self-control Discussion Response

Respond to this post arguing towards self-control: Self-esteem is more important than self-control because without self-esteem, you cannot have self-control. The fuel behind what makes a person feel good about themselves, is self-esteem. It is what motivates people to get out of bed in the morning and live their lives. If people are not happy with themselves, it makes it very difficult to accomplish other tasks and execute behaviors, such as self-control. My friends, family, and employer would agree with this viewpoint because I have first-hand seen how low self-esteem negatively affects all of these groups of people. Moreover, my friends, family, and employer cannot be the best versions of themselves when their self-esteem levels are low (Adler et al., 2016; Juth et al., 2008).  Additionally, reduced self-esteem can hinder one’s physical and mental health (Gold, 2016; Juth et al., 2008) and vice versa. In fact, research psychologists at Syracuse University state, “Most empirical studies suggest that self-esteem and chronic illness either have a direct or indirect effect on one another…” (Juth et al., 2008). The main contributor of physical and mental health issues in America, which ultimately cause low confidence levels, are due to health disparities. Likewise, studies show that community health inequalities are the main cause behind why the U.S. globally ranks so low when it comes to health outcomes. Americans live shorter, sicker lives and as a result, the US is ranked 34th in life expectancy. These health statistics can negatively affect the health of family, friends, and employers who do not have the proper resources (American Public Health Association, 2020; Goodman et al., 2014).  There are many more layers that have to be addressed and dealt with before one can worry about self-control. Being concerned about self-control when self-esteem levels are low, physical/mental health is at risk, and community health disproportions are an issue, is like covering up a gushing wound with a Band-Aid. Without figuring out how to solve the issue of the gushing wound, which is an analogy for America’s health problems, blood is just going to keep flowing. After time, the Band-Aid will not be of use, because it cannot keep up with all the blood. This is a metaphor for the fact that self-control cannot work, if self-esteem isn’t in check.

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[SOLVED] Self-control Discussion Response
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