[SOLVED] The Sui and Tang Dynasties in China

TOPIC: What were the lasting accomplishments of the Sui and Tang dynasties in China? -You will do research on the topic and develop a thesis, which you will prove with the use of secondary sources (you may use primary sources as well). A really good paper will not simply be descriptive; you should pose an analytical question and use your sources to answer it. -Formatting Papers should be double-spaced, with one-inch margins and in ten- or twelve-point type. Your papers should be carefully composed, well-organized, and proofread. CHICAGO STYLE!! -EXTRAS: Stylistic Tips • Do not include the phrase, “According to the dictionary, x is…” • Do not use the first person (“I,” “me,” etc.) or the second person (“you”). This is a formal essay. If you need to use a pronoun, it should be the indefinite “one.” • Do not refer to any historical person, male or female, by his or her first name. • Do not use contractions. • Do not use lengthy quotes—these are brief papers.

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[SOLVED] The Sui and Tang Dynasties in China
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