[SOLVED] Walmart Sales and Service Philosophy

Review your work on the earlier assignments in this course, then refresh your knowledge of Walmart’s Culture and Core Values. https://corporate.walmart.com/our-story/working-at-walmart#0000014f-d73a-d36d-adcf-df3b9d0a0000 Conduct additional internal and external research on Walmart’s sales and service philosophy.  Based on course content and the results of your research, respond to each of the following instructions: Identify and explain how Walmart’s sales and service strategy reflects each of the company’s four core values:  Service to the Customer Respect for the Individual Strive for Excellence Act with Integrity Recommend one action your store could take to improve customer satisfaction over the next month, and explain how that would lead to increased sales over the same period. Walmart’s core values inform a company sales and service strategy that is based on a “need satisfaction approach” – the idea that customers should be served rather than products sold.  Since the sales process starts with the needs of customers, develop a brief outline for enhancing the sales and service strategy as it is applied in your store.  Your outline should explain the steps a sales associates would take to identify a customer’s needs, make them aware of their needs, and persuade them that Walmart’s products or services will best satisfy their needs. Present and defend your explanations, recommendation, and outline in a business report to your store manager. You may choose the report format you feel is best suited for communicating with your manager.  Be sure to address all of the topics covered in the instructions in your report. At least one outside research source is required for this assignment, in addition to any internal sources you may use from the Walmart organization. Format Instructions: For this assignment, your report must conform to standard formatting guidelines for business reports.  If possible, use the report format used by the Walmart organization.  At a minimum, the report should include a title/cover page, a letter of transmittal (cover letter), a brief introduction, the key topics or objectives being covered, a discussion of your findings and recommendations in the body of the report, and graphs or charts needed to help clarify any complex concepts.  Cite your research sources on a separate page at the end of your report.

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[SOLVED] Walmart Sales and Service Philosophy
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