[SOLVED] Automobile Research Report

Automobile Research Report 1                      Industry: Background and Situation Analysis                              In this section you will describe and define the automobile industry. You will also share facts and statistics you gathered about the automobile industry. The industry consists of multiple competitors and they should be identified. I attached the links for SWOT analyses, and you should gather SWOT and other strategic analyses. Some facts you should try to get: Description of the automobile industry and competitors Size of automobile industry Dollar sales and Number of retailers. Industry growth rate Market share (dollar share and share of locations) Concentration of industry (highly concentrated, moderately concentrated, fragmented) Number of retailers by type Retailer segments   You must provide in-text citations for every paragraph and an APA 7 bibliography. (Enclosed is a list of approved sources. Feel free to find more and specify please.)   2                      Company: Background and Situation Analysis                            In this section, gather information about the Nissan company includes all the divisions and stores owned by the company.  Total sales, profit, business units, history, mission, vision, values, number of employees, number of restaurant locations, the year founded, the senior executives etc. and the change in sales, profit, number of stores etc. over time. A great source, but not the only source, for this type of information is the corporate website for the company and their annual report.  This will provide you with a great deal of information and numerous infographics. You must provide an in-text citation for every paragraph. Do not copy and paste the entire Annual Report into your Research Report. However, include a summary of relevant sections.    3                      Brand: Background and Analysis In this section, gather information about the brand that is specific to the retail operations, not the corporation. However, information similar-to that mentioned above is also relevant to the specific leadership operations you researched in Stage 1. Remember the corporation has many divisions which are separate from their automobile operations.   4                      Strategic Focus: Mission, Vision, and Values  In this section, elaborate on the mission, vision, and values of Nissan.   5                      Research Methodology In this section, explain the data mining process we used through Excel to create histograms, regression, and correlations. Explain the quantitative survey research done through the questionnaire.   6                      Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 1. Unsafe Products How would you classify companies selling an unsafe car? a)      ethical and legal? b)      ethical, but illegal? c)      unethical, but legal? d)      unethical and illegal? Suppose a car manufactured by the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance will explode when rear-ended and the driver and passengers will be burned alive.  A cost benefit analysis is done which determines the company can save $100 million if they do not recall the cars and instead give money to the families of those who were killed when the car exploded.   What is the ethical dilemma? Explain fully your point of view. Discuss fully if it is ethical or unethical sell defective products and your rationale. Listed below are some relevant ethical concepts that can help your reach a point of view.  You can provide an summary of a relevant ethical concept as part of your response.   Utilitarianism Moral Idealism Personal benefit: acknowledge the extent to which an action produces beneficial consequences for the individual in question. Social benefit: acknowledge the extent to which an action produces beneficial consequences for society. Principle of benevolence: help those in need. Principle of paternalism: assist others in pursuing their best interests when they cannot do so themselves. Principle of harm: do not harm others. Principle of honesty: do not deceive others. Principle of lawfulness: do not violate the law. Principle of autonomy: acknowledge a person’s freedom over his/her actions or physical body. Principle of justice: acknowledge a person’s right to due process, fair compensation for harm done, and fair distribution of benefits. Rights: acknowledge a person’s rights to life, information, privacy, free expression, and safety.   2. Executive Actions Based on the case study and the YouTube videos I posted, we know the Renault executive is accused of doing a variety of things that some consider controversial, unethical, and even illegal. For example, having the company pay for a lavish event on his birthday. Describe two such actions he took and explain fully why you feel his actions were either: a)      ethical and legal? b)      ethical, but illegal? c)      unethical, but legal? d)      unethical and illegal? Imagine you are a consultant… what are your concerns and what actions would you recommend to the Renault executive team and Board of Director? YouTube Videos: ·         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QI032cGg-6g&feature=related ·         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQ0Ch0-s5Wo ·         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2gZ_23z92o ·         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihPpipf3W-Q ·         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tl6T08b-E60 ·         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M78uLYYrePI ·         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xappHpw_a9s

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[SOLVED] Automobile Research Report
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