[SOLVED] Ethics and Philosophy Paper

Ethics Paper Word count: 1500 Worth: 250pts In this paper you are asked to do four things:  1) Explain either Kant or Bentham’s/Mill’s moral system. Explain one of the ethical systems that we’ve discussed in detail, supporting the explanation with quotes. By the end of this section, the workings of the ethical system should be clear. How is the “good” defined? What do we need to do to bring about that good?  2) Briefly explain (200-300 words) a current event with moral significance.* Since the end of 2019, COVID-19 has forced individuals, businesses, and communities to make decisions and take actions that have significant moral weight. There are many different types of things we could talk about here, and I really don’t want to limit your approach. I’ll list a few questions/topics/ideas, but feel more than free to pursue one of your own choosing: • Keeping in mind the following: the CDC states that wearing masks is effective in protecting others from the mask-wearer and that an individual can be contagious without knowing they are infected.  1 Should an individual wear a mask when out in public? • How can we evaluate employers who mandate that their employees return to work, even if infection rates in a community have not reduced? • With the sudden and enormous spike in unemployment, many renters are unable to make their payments. 2 What, if any, moral obligation does the landlord have to affected tenants? • What is the moral significance of an individual or a family vacationing to a state with less severe social distancing restrictions? • At the beginning of the outbreak, there were numerous cases of individuals stockpiling cleaning and hygiene supplies. 3 Do you think they had the moral right to do this? 1https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/cloth-face-cover.html 2https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/tenants-face-eviction-uncertainty-time-coronavirus-no-heart-nounderstanding-n1163281 3https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/14/technology/coronavirus-purell-wipes-amazon-sellers.html In this section, whether you choose one of these prompts or a separate issue that has arisen during the pandemic, provide a brief explanation of the event while citing any relevant sources. Call attention to which aspects have moral significance. *If you would like to discuss a completely different event, please email me about it first.  3) Apply the ethical system to the scenario. How would the philosopher you picked evaluate the scenario discussed in your paper? The first two sections of this paper were spent laying important groundwork. Here, we see what that all amounts to. Make sure to be thorough.  4) Evaluate the conclusions. Do you think the judgments expressed through the lens of the ethical system are right? Is the system right to approve? To condemn? Why or why not? Here, you have to explore different viewpoints. If you agree with the system you picked, explain why someone might take issue with it. Can you defend it? If you disagree with the system you picked, explain why that is. Can you understand why someone would take that position? Why don’t you? Explanation is critical here, so make sure you are justifying your claims thoroughly.

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[SOLVED] Ethics and Philosophy Paper
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