[SOLVED] Fad Diet Presentation

I need a power point or keynote presentation for a fad diet that follows this rubric Overview of the topic – 20 points Overview of the topic o Primary characteristics of the diet – daily energy breakdown as % CHO, Fat, and Protein o Why types of foods are avoided on this diet? What types of foods does this diet promote? o What is the mechanism by which it is thought to work? o Main benefits of this diet? Main consequences?  Who is this diet recommended for? Who should not participate in this diet (why is it contraindicated in this population)? – 5 points o Are there any known side effects experienced on this diet? o Has this diet been shown to improve overall health (besides just weight loss)? ? Does it improve risk factors – such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels, etc? The diet’s impact on weight loss – 5 points o Does this diet lead to weight loss? ? Typical weight loss seen on this diet? ? Is it immediate weight loss or progressive weight loss? ? What is causing the weight loss – decrease in calories, increase in metabolic rate, water weight? Find 2 research studies that looked at this diet and report their key results – benefits or adverse effects associated with the diet – 5 points o Provide full citations for these studies Provide a 1 day nutrition plan following this diet – 5 points References – 5 points o All slides should contain references from which you obtained information o References should come from valid and peer-reviewed sources Content, clarity, and organization of the presentation o Does the presenter speak knowledgably? o Does the presenter speak clearly and present the content in an organized manner? o Are there no/few editorial errors throughout the presentation? o Is the content organized in a way that the presentation flows well?

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[SOLVED] Fad Diet Presentation
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