[SOLVED] St. Thomas Aquinas and Descartes Essay

Essays:Answer both fully and directly. Answer the question that is asked and answer in sufficient detail (i.e., in full sentences and developed into a paragraph/s). Each section, both 1 and 2, must be explained. Word count should not be under 250 words per section. More is fine less is not. 1.  St. Thomas Aquinas argues for God’s existence in his famous “Five Ways.” Give a detailed summary for one of the five arguments for God’s existence.  Do you agree or disagree, and if so, why or why not? (Explain your position) . 2. What are Descartes’ arguments for Cartesian dualism? In your answer, make sure you consider that Descartes divides reality (Dualism) into two fundamental and distinct types of things. What does this division consist of, and how does he arrive at his answer? How and why does Descartes make this distinction? (Make sure you answer thoroughly and in detail) Do you find them persuasive (it might help to consider here what Descartes is trying to preserve)?

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[SOLVED] St. Thomas Aquinas and Descartes Essay
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