[SOLVED] Visual Communication Analysis

Watch the short film “Skin” in the link below and answer the following questions: https://www.facebook.com/SERET.CO.IL/posts/2043908495646344/ Cinematic language What is the cinematic style of the film? (realistic, formalistic or classical) explain your choice. Watch the confrontation scene (06:54-08:20) now analyze the following frame: What is the shot size? Towards which of the characters the viewer’s identification is directed at in this scene? analyze the following frame: what is the shot size? Describe the direction of the lighting and which meanings does it creates. Watch the tattooing scene (13:50-16:00) – describe the choices of music and noises that we hear in the soundtrack. what kind of atmosphere does the soundtrack creates in this scene? which film speed (standard speed, slow motion or fast motion) is used in this scene and for what purposes? What is the editing style of the film? Explain How the editing is serving the drama of the story? What is the message of “Skin” concerning the relationship between grown-ups and children and its relation to violence and racism? Mention at least 2 cinematic devices that are contributing to those messages and explain how they create meanings. Analyze the following photograph which was the official poster of the movie.       composition (the arrangement of the objects in the frame). What are the symbolical meanings that the poster is creating? and how they are connected to the ideas that you described in question 8? What is the content of the photograph (what do we see in the image)? Describe the Gender relations and the representation of women in “Skin”       what are the roles of the mother in the life of troy and what are the roles of his father? based on that – Describe the gender relations between man and women in the film. Give examples from at least 2 scenes. Describe troy’s mother – does she apply or not to the standards of beauty that naomi wolf describes in “the beauty myth”? do you think that her representation is progressive or not? explain your answer.

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[SOLVED] Visual Communication Analysis
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