[SOLVED] Operant Conditioning Discussion

Behaviorism DiscussionAccording to Skinner’s Theory of Operant Conditioning, we learn very complex behaviors through the process of shaping.? You are required to evaluate the ethics of using operant conditioning to change someone’s behavior by participating in the ETHICS discussion prompt.? Choose at least 1 other discussion prompt by providing an example of operant conditioning concepts in daily life or the media.Evaluate the Ethics of Operant Conditioning You have watched several videos in which operant conditioning was used to change behavior or create new behavior patterns in both animals and people. In this prompt, I want you to consider your opinion about whether this technique – which is used in psychological therapy (behaviorist therapy, systematic desensitization, CBT and DBT), parenting, schools, animal training programs and drug treatment programs as well as in daily life.Sea World in particular, has been severely criticized. Part of the complaints are about the living conditions for the animals (small tanks instead of living in the oceans in the case of Sea World), other complaints are about injuries to the animals (there were some stories about sunburned orcas that came out) – I want to focus our discussion on the process of training, the other category of complaints. Is this type of animal training cruel? Is it unethical? Or is it simply training? Does it matter if the training is used for entertainment purposes vs. animal care purposes?Don’t just focus on animals though, consider the use of operant conditioning on humans. As a parent, is it unethical for me to use operant conditioning to get my children to make their bed every morning? Or to be more responsible, outgoing, or any other personality trait I want them to exhibit more regularly?Is there a difference between a parent using operant conditioning or a school Are there certain purposes where it is ok and others where it isn’t?Make sure to support your opinions on any of the above issues with detailed explanations about why you believe as you do and/or with concrete evidence from your observations of the world around you.

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[SOLVED] Operant Conditioning Discussion
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