[SOLVED] Personality and Happiness Learning Resource

Create a Learning Resource to Share teach others about Personality & Happiness learning objectives: Psychology Major Outcomes: Use psychological theory and research to explain/understand human behavior Core Curriculum Outcome: Read & respond in an informed and discerning way to written texts Write clear, well-organized, persuasive prose Express ideas and information clearly and confidently Use appropriate technological tools to solve problems effectively Evaluate and understand how individual differences and societal contexts impact human behavior and personality Course Outcome: Describe key concepts of 1 of the 6 major theories of personality Apply personality theories to explain human behavior on individual, small group and societal levels Reflect on how personality concepts provide insight into your own personality Practice writing a substantiated argument using a clear thesis statement supported with evidence Module Learning Outcomes Describe how personality concepts relate to identity, happiness, and the achievement of our goals in life Create a learning resource to help others find happiness and/or fulfillment in some way based on an understanding of personality   Description: In this assignment, you will  reflect on everything you have learned about personality, conduct psychological research,  identify 3-4 ways that personality relates to happiness, fulfillment and/or goal achievement and  create a resource to help others learn about and use your conclusions to improve their own happiness, fulfillment and/or goal achievement. First, reflect on what you have learned and select any theoretical viewpoint we have covered in this course, you can use parts of different theories or ideas or stick with a single theory. Identify several concepts related to those ideas that you want to explore further. Find research evidence that supports your conclusions. You need a minimum of 3 sources of information and at least 1 of those sources must be a peer-reviewed journal article. You can use either the PsycArticles database in the Brennan library or Googlescholar to find peer-reviewed journal articles. Identify an audience for your material. Create a resource to provide psychological advice based on what you have learned about personality. Share the research you have done and any other knowledge that you have gained in this course to help others improve their lives in some tangible way. Your goal in this resources is to help others become familiar with/understand the research and personality theory that can better help them to attain happiness AND to develop strategies for using this information to improve their lives. Resource : traditional research paper written for a general, non-psychology audience (much like a self-help book) how to increase happiness, life satisfaction, well-being and freedom based on cultural differences.  argument :  Topic  Happiness – how to increase happiness, life satisfaction, well-being and freedom based on cultural differences.  (Culture and Personality)   The Assignment: Create a Resource to teach others about a concept personality  Culture and Personality How  can be applied to improve some aspect of daily functioning. It should:   Be interesting, fun but it should also be relevant and relatable. Contain background information on  concepts (Culture and Personality) and the theory/theories you are using to develop your argument (argument). Your wording should be understandable for your target audience. add a short paper with this background information  Contain specific strategies that are based on evidence (meaning based on psychological research). Provide a source citations in APA style and a link for any material you use or cite. If you aren’t sure how to write an APA source citation, you can find a description and samples for various types of publications here: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/10/  (Links to an external site.) You need a minimum of 3 scholarly, peer-reviewed, research-based sources of information and you need to relate your work to at least 1 personality theory.   Writing Conventions: 5 page paper.  Everything should have an informative and interesting title – you want to capture your target audience’s attention and draw them in. Use examples, and attention-getting information where it will help your resource. Appropriate language and examples.

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[SOLVED] Personality and Happiness Learning Resource
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