[SOLVED] Police brutality in the US

1. An Abstract (a short summary of your paper in 150-250 words) 2. A specific Title.  3. Toulmin/Aristotelian method of argument. Be mindful of the use of rhetorical devices in your paper. Try to avoid any personal references as this is not a narrative essay but a research article. Make sure to maintain “critical engagement” with the texts in discussion (both primary and secondary). Don’t state the obvious!  4.  A 2-3 paragraph introduction followed by a specific thesis statement. Don’t forget to add a line or two communicating the research plan/the structure of your paper (this will allow a reader to easily navigate between different parts and make sure that it all makes sense).  5.   The body paragraphs containing at least three points/sub-claims. Adequate, specific, relevant, well-researched evidence to support your points. Don’t forget to integrate sources properly in the MLA format. Don’t forget to critically analyze your sources: your voice should not be compensated for completely by the sources. In other words, you should analyze your sources and add your perspectives on them and on the argument. 6. The sub-claims/different points you make should all contribute to the main thesis statement/claim of your paper (consider at least 3 or more subclaims with 4 or more evidences to support each of these subclaims in detail). 7. The paper should have a rebuttal section that consists of both the rebuttal and the refutation (refer to lectures  on the Toulmin method). 8. Conclusion (at least one large paragraph). 9. Works Cited page in the MLA format (should not be included in the first 10 pages of your essay. As mentioned, the essay itself has to be at least 10-12 pages in length). 10. Paper should be formatted in the MLA style (centered titled, last name, page number, your information on the top-left, separate Works Cited page, etc).   11. Make sure your in-text citations are properly done. 12. For this paper, use at least 2 or more scholarly sources from peer-reviewed journals/books/chapters by subject-matter experts.

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[SOLVED] Police brutality in the US
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