[SOLVED] President Donald Trump Paper

This final paper is on President Donald Trump. You must admit he is a different type of president no matter what you think of him. So, Max Weber wrote that authority is derived from three sources: Traditional, Rational-Legal, or Charismatic. You will find discussion of the PowerPoint on Organizations. Which one is President Trump? Why? Move away from your personal opinion of him. Think about the reasons he won. Perhaps he is a combination of two or three. The second question is bit trickier: is his power, in the view of those who oppose him, legitimate or illegible? The difference between the two is whether one accepts his authority or is coerced into it. Finally , part three deals with power. Functionalists believe that the power diffuses among different interest groups so that no one person can control the country. Conflict theories feel that the power elite run everything despite who is president or in congress. So, does Trump presidency matter? If we believe the functionalists, then our system of checks and balances will prevent significant. If we believe the conflict theorists, then Trump and his ilk have already been running things and this election doesn’t change it. Do either views make a point ? Why? Your defense of the answer is more important than the answer. It is about what you think those who voted for him, and those who did not were thinking and feeling. Follow standard formatting. 12point, double space, keep normal margins, MLA or APA format.

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[SOLVED] President Donald Trump Paper
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