[SOLVED] Social Psychology Reflection

One of the topics we discussed is Social Psychology was how we form and maintain meaningful and healthy relationships with others. Gottman is one of the leading researchers in this area and he has defined four characteristics (“horsemen”) that predict the demise of relationships in the long-run. The purpose of this discussion post is to reflect on your own and others’ relationships with others and to help us identify patterns that are more health-promoting in our life course.  A variety of research suggests that social support is a key factor in life satisfaction and longevity.  How do we know what is “good” social support? Let’s talk about it! NOTE: Social support can refer to platonic (e.g., friendships) or romantic relationships.  Original Post: Please answer both of the following for this discussion post:  1.  Please watch this video by Gottman, which explains his four horsemen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=1o30Ps-_8is Reflect on the video and answer one or both of the following questions: Is there one or more particular characteristic that you feel is more personally damaging?  What are some of the things in a relationship (either friendship or romantic) that you feel can be destructive that future research may or may not be picking up on? 2. What do you personally most value in relationships with others (e.g., trust, active listening, loyalty, friendship, equity, etc.)? For example, what positive characteristics would/do you seek out in others or that you find personally appealing and enriching?

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[SOLVED] Social Psychology Reflection
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