[SOLVED] What is Islam Review

Your assignment must show two things: (1) that you give a concise summary of the first chapter of Ahmed’s book and each of the six questions he covers, and (2) that you reflect more closely on one of the questions. Since you need to reflect on one question, try to read Ahmed’s chapter with a focused eye. Read it with the intention not to summarize every single point, but to “establish your own area of interest.” In other words, if what triggers your curiosity is the question of consuming wine, your energy should be direct at this area. If it is the idea of Sufis and God’s friends, the same applies. Part of your paper must show that you read and engaged genuinely with Ahmed’s chapter. While you need to give a summary, avoid one that aspires to cover every idea and thought. Instead: a. give a clear idea of the main concern and heart of Ahmed’s discussion, b. press more on the theme of your interest. Reading with the aim to establish your area of focus from the beginning can certainly help you produce a summary that is useful, since it will be shaped by the question of your interest.

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[SOLVED] What is Islam Review
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