[SOLVED] Decision Making Analysis & Implementation Plan

Decision Making Analysis & Implementation Plan  (Critical Assignment) * (CLO All) The objective of this assignment is to assess your degree of mastery of the Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) by demonstrating that you can apply and integrate the key course concepts in a real-world context.  Begin this paper by identifying an organizational problem/dilemma that an organization that you are familiar with is facing. Provide a concise explanation of why it is a problem and what will happen if nothing changes?  What are the potential opportunities/benefits of change?  Following this introduction develop your paper to discuss your decision making analysis of this problem, then you will detail your implementation plan, followed by reflecting and evaluating the effectiveness of your decision, finally you will conclude be examining ethical and spiritual repercussions.  Within each of these areas be sure to include examination of the following: A)     Decision-Making Analysis Decision-making model: Identify and discuss the best suited decision-making model that you have used to analyze the decision in order to enhance the probability of making an effective decision.  Explain why this model was selected over others?  Are there any shortcomings? Plan for mitigating the Impact of biases on objective decision-making: What were the main alternatives to be considered in your decision?  Discuss 3-5 possible bias-based barriers that can impede your ability to make an objective decision.  Explain how you will mitigate each of these barriers in order to make an objective decision. Plan for promoting motivation and commitment: Discuss common tendencies in personal framing and preference reversals that can hinder effective problem-solving.  Examine which strategies you as a leader can utilize for self-managing motivation and emotion in decision-making.  Asses strategies for escalating commitment. B)     Decision Implementation Plan Explain the optimal solution that has been concluded for implementing the decision. Define each step and explicitly explain how you will apply it in order to effectively implement your decision.   C)      Evaluation Decision Evaluation: Examine if the decision is in alignment with the organization’s mission, vision, values and goals? If so, how?  If not, why?  Is there a way that alignment can be achieved? Are the repercussions of the decision in alignment with the organization’s brand (reputation)?  D)     Ethical and Spiritual Analysis Examine Ethical Considerations: Reflect on the decision making process, evaluate the fairness of the decision-making process. Asses the repercussions of the decision on individuals, the organization, and society Faith Integration: Reflect on personal faith and ethical values, consider: is your decision aligned with your faith and beliefs?  If so, how?  If not, how?  How do you think that your personal faith, values and personal code of ethics informed your decision-making process? -Support your introspective analysis. Support assertions throughout your paper with the class sources and other additional sources as appropriate.  Students should anticipate that this paper will be between 5-7 pages in length and APA formatted.

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[SOLVED] Decision Making Analysis & Implementation Plan
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