[SOLVED] How to Solve Stereotyping

Topic: Identify a “problem” relating to diversity and solve it First you need to identify a problem based on your own experience and interests. The problem could be as broad as “Why can’t we all just get along?” or as specific as “How can we get more women working in STEM fields?” The problem could be “How can we solve our immigration?” problem or “How can we increased social and economic equaliy in the country?” or “How can we support the rights of all Americans regarding Gay Rights and Religion?” or “How can we improve relations between the Police and the communities in which they operate?” Perhaps the problem you identify is personal: “How can I become more aware of discrimination in society or the workplace?” or perhaps it is related to your specific field of employment: “How can we harness the energy of diversity in my [insert type or name of] company?” The sky is the limit! You get to be the idea person! You get to come up with a solution to something meaningful and of your own choosing. Go for it! THE TOPIC I CHOSE IS STEREOTYPING PLEASE ALSO INCLUDE SITUATIONS THAT ENVOLVE THIS TOPIC THAT YOU HAVE SEEN/EXPERIENCED Step One: Identify the “problem” that you will solve. I put quotations around “problem” because problems don’t have to be negative–they can be situations that foster creativity and productivity. If they are negative problems, you get to find a positive, creative solution: Step Two: Identify at least five legitimate resources that you can use to help give you some ideas about how to solve your problem: Step Four: Turn in a 3-4 page (12 point font; double-spaced; one-inch margins) report that presents your problem and your solution: The goal of the final project is for you to research, reflect, and produce something meaningful to you related to American diversity, so please choose something that interests you.

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[SOLVED] How to Solve Stereotyping
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