[SOLVED] Lifespan and Motor Development Case

You are working in a health promotion role and work individually with clients to appraise their development needs, history and goals and assist them in meeting their goals. As part of your work, you are asked to write a report summarising your findings for a specific client. You will be allocated one of three scenarios. You must produce a report which evaluates the factors described, and their influence on the development of the person identified in your allocated scenario. Your case study should include the following sections and refer to relevant and credible academic sources and guidelines to support your arguments. 1.   Introduction- Client summary (10%) 500 words This section should include a summary of the client, and the key issues/problems reported by the client (or their caregiver) Consider the client’s development across all three domains (physical, cognitive, psychosocial) Identify the stage/phase your client is working through for each theorist  Consider what evidence you have to demonstrate they have met the preceding stage OR evidence to demonstrate they are working through the next stage 2.   Current development needs (25%) 750 words Considering your discussion in Part 1, describe the key developmental needs/opportunities for your client. Remember to include discussion of all three domains and theory/literature as relevant. 3.   Contextual factors applicable to the client (25%) 750 words Using the PEO domains, identify and discuss at least six key contextual factors that may be impacting your client’s development. Remember to justify your choice of factors Not all factors will be listed in your scenario- put yourself in their shoes…. Consider how these issues may affect them into the future, are they likely to become more or less problematic?  References to support the potential impact of these constraints are needed. Factors should be clearly identified as either personal, environmental or occupational/task based in nature. 4.   Current guidelines/literature applicable to the client (10%) 300 words Identify and discuss at a minimum: 1 guideline and 1 peer review journal article that is relevant to your client’s scenario. Your guideline and article should discuss exercise prescription requirements that are relevant to your chosen scenario. These may include specific safety considerations, or activities that should be avoided (contraindicated) or modified for safe prescription for your client.  You may include more than one guideline/article if they are appropriate and justified. Reference your guidelines/article appropriately. Discuss your choices, and explain why are they relevant? How does this information fit into what you already know about the client? Your guidelines/literature should assist you to create your strategy in Section 5.  5.   Strategies to improve engagement in activity (10%) 150 words Considering the client’s needs, current development, contextual factors and relevant guidelines/literature identify one strategy that would assist your client to engage in activity or maintain/improve their current activity levels into the future. Remember to consider the whole person when developing your strategy. You can be creative when identifying the strategy but ensure your ideas remain realistic and applicable to the scenario.

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[SOLVED] Lifespan and Motor Development Case
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