[SOLVED] Macroeconomics Data Report

Assume you are working for an economic consultancy firm and are preparing a market outlook report for your corporate clients. You are comparing the impact of Covid-19 on the international economic situation of New Zealand to the international economic situation of another country of your choice. Note that you are studying each country, and then comparing the two countries, your focus is not on any transactions between New Zealand and the other country. You need to address the two following topics: 1. What has been the impact of Covid-19 on exchange rates, trade patterns, and current account balances of each of your two countries? Which country has been the most affected and why? 2. What are any likely future impacts of Covid-19 on these variables? Which country is likely to be the most affected and why? Excel Data File:  You must use an Excel data file to store your downloaded data, calculate any of your data, calculate statistical relationships using your data, and for creating the graphs of your data. A third of the report mark will be based on how easy it is for someone who has done no work on the topic to open your Excel file, know the exactly what the data you have included measures, be able to replicate downloading it from the sources of your data, be able to understand any calculations you perform or statistical measures you calculate or estimate, and be able to understand and replicate your two graphs.

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[SOLVED] Macroeconomics Data Report
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