[SOLVED] Psychological Motivation Analysis

We are all driven by different needs. What is motivating to some by not be to others. McClellan’s theory of motivation is based three basic needs.Need for achievement Need for power Need for affiliation. Assignment Details David McClelland and Three Motivational Needs – Content Theories of Motivation (Links to an external site.)  After watching the video, take this test: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/tests/personality/motivation-needs-test (you are not required to purchase the results) Write a paper with the following: 1. Include an introduction that summarizes the main points of the paper with a clearly defined thesis statement. 2. A paragraph that thoroughly discusses each of the three needs and how they are motivational. 3. A paragraph that thoroughly discusses the results of your test – do you agree or disagree, why?  4. A paragraph demonstrating how knowing this information is helpful. 5. A conclusion that provides closure and summary. 6. Total of 5 paragraphs and a minimum of 250 words.

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[SOLVED] Psychological Motivation Analysis
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