[SOLVED] Technology and Social Media in Nursing

As a master’s prepared nurse, there will be times in your practice when you will encounter various scenarios or issues having to do with social media. In this particular assignment, you will be presented with five separate scenarios and an associated quiz. Each quiz question will need to be answered correctly before moving on to part II of this assignment. Please carefully review the assignment instructions below. Assignment Instructions Part I: Review the five (5) scenarios and answer the quiz questions on the assignment page to proceed to Part II. QUESTION 1: You have just been promoted to the role of Nurse Manager for the Intensive Care Unit.  Your staff is so happy and they want to take you out to dinner to celebrate. You oblige the offer and after dinner the group ends up at a local bar to toast the occasion. What actions by you might warrant further education regarding appropriate use of social media as it relates to professional appearance and behavior?   ANSWER: Send pictures of you and the Chief Nursing Officer toasting with an adult beverage to your staff  QUESTION 2: You are the nurse manager of the local emergency department (ED). You are meeting with two new nurses to orient them to the ED. One of the nurses asks you about use of personal social media as it relates to work such as posting pics from the ED.  What would be the best response to this question?   “Please remember that posting of comments or pictures can be viewed by others and if considered a violation of HIPAA or organization policy it may result in loss of job”  QUESTION 3: You are the nurse leader of a skilled nursing unit.  You are at the elevator with a few of the other nurses when one of them begins complaining about her day. She says that her therapy for these tough days is venting on Facebook and getting support from other nurse friends.  You ask to speak to this nurse privately to address her comment.  What would be the best response by the nurse leader?   ANSWER: “I can understand your need to vent when having a frustrating day but please remember that what you say on social media sites can be viewed and misconstrued by many including employees, family of loved ones at this organization, etc. I would recommend finding other methods for channeling your frustration such as exercise, meditation or private therapy.”    QUESTION 4: The advanced practice nurse is leaving work for the day.  Along the way they run into a concerned colleague who just received a comatose client on their unit. The only identifiers on the client are two tattoos on their forearm.  The colleague is thinking of the best way to get information out to the community to determine if there is a next of kin.  What would be an appropriate suggestion from the advanced practice nurse?  ANSWER: Collaborate with law enforcement to take pictures of the tattoos and offer the suggestion to place on social media programs seeking additional information according to organizational policy.  QUESTION 5: he advanced practice nurse is at their car and ready to leave when they decide to check their blog about the topic of healthy living. The nurse knows that their blog is a credible resources and will benefit those who read it. What supports this knowledge of credible resources for public awareness about healthy living?   ANSWER: Information gained from current peer reviewed journal articles   Part II: After completing the scenarios students will complete a PowerPoint presentation, using Microsoft PowerPoint. Include a title slide with your name, date, and course information, as well as a reference slide. The body of the PowerPoint should provide: Rationale and support of literature for the chosen answer to each scenario (each scenario will require one rationale and support from literature). One example of how to educate your peers and staff about the best answer for the scenario. One key reflection point per scenario that will support student in role of advanced practice leader surrounding social media. PowerPoint presentation is a minimum of ten (10) slides in length (excluding title and reference slides). A minimum of five (5) peer-reviewed scholarly sources (one per scenario), current within five years, are required. Sources older than five years may not be used without the permission of the class professor. No direct quotes may be used in this assignment. First person may be used for this assignment.

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[SOLVED] Technology and Social Media in Nursing
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