[SOLVED] Testing the Hypothesis Research

Introduction Hypothesis testing is the formal process used to accept or reject the statistical hypotheses. Two types of statistical hypotheses exist: The null hypothesis annotated by Ho assumes sample observations are the result of purely random chance. The alternative hypothesis annotated by Ha or H1 states that sample observations are the result of and are influenced by a non-random cause. Review the following videos to gain a deeper understanding of hypotheses testing: Khan Academy (n.d.). Hypothesis Testing and P-values (Links to an external site.) Perdiscotv.com (2010). Introductory Statistics – Chapter 8: Hypothesis Testing (Links to an external site.) Instructions Link1:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmMjS88eSVE Link2:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FtlH4svqx4 In this assignment you will continue to build upon the work completed in the Units 1 and 2 research assignments. You have developed a problem statement, a research question, and a hypothesis for your selected case. You have also selected the statistical tool to test your hypothesis. (see attached documents, U2_Project.docx for previous project paper and The Sales Slump at WeSaySo Corp.docx x for the project data) Now it is time to test your hypothesis. You will interpret the results from your statistical analysis and decide if the results support or reject your hypothesis. This submission is of critical importance in the research project process. Your professor will provide detailed feedback and recommendations for corrections. You will use this feedback before submitting your final research project. In this assignment you will: Test your hypothesis with the results of your statistical analysis. Support your acceptance or rejection of the hypothesis with a detailed explanation. Submit your research document as a draft with an abstract, introduction, problem statement, research question, hypothesis, and results from your statistical tests. (Note: Items 1 & 2 should be included in this draft.) Content • Selects appropriate statistical tool for hypothesis. • Provides brief explanation supporting selection of tool. • Incorporates an abstract, introduction, problem statement, research question, hypothesis, and results from your statistical tests. Mechanics • Responses are written at the graduate level with proper punctuation, grammar, and mechanics. • Follows APA Style.

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[SOLVED] Testing the Hypothesis Research
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