[SOLVED] Workplace Attitudes Essay

Post your document that includes: introduction and hypotheses, discussion of statistics and significance levels, calculations in a table, APA-style results, and a discussion.  An I/O Psychologist wants to explore whether people who are more similar or more dissimilar work better together on a group work project. He has 15 current employees complete a questionnaire concerning their attitudes towards a variety of topics. A week later, he asks them to review the attitudes on the same questionnaire of a potential “applicant” who will work with them if hired. The employees were asked to rate how much they like the applicant and how likely it is they will enjoy working with that person. The attitudes of the applicant were generated by the I/O Psychologist, and they varied as to their similarity to the rater (employee). Ultimately, the data collected for each employee shows the employee’s attitudes and the employee’s perceptions of “likability” of the applicant based on the similarity of the applicant’s attitudes. If similarities aid employees in working relationships, then the psychologist expects to see a direct relationship between the employee’s perceptions of the applicant and the proportion of similar attitudes held. The data are shown in the following table. The higher the employee’s perceptions of the applicant, the higher the score is in that column. The maximum score on this scale is 14. The proportion of similarity in attitudes is presented in the other column, with higher proportions reflecting more similarity (maximum is 1). Employee Proportion of Similar Attitudes (X) Perception of the Applicant (Y) 1 0.30 8.9 2 0.44 9.3 3 0.67 9.6 4 0.00 6.2 5 0.50 8.8 6 0.15 8.1 7 0.58 9.5 8 0.32 7.1 9 0.72 11.0 10 1.00 11.7 11 0.87 11.5 12 0.09 7.3 13 0.82 10.0 14 0.64 10.0 15 0.24 7.5   For this assignment, test whether the hypothesized relationship exists and write up a report summarizing the results of this investigation. To do this, complete the following: Write an introduction restating the analysis (use the information from the problem statement above the table). This should be about one paragraph. State the hypotheses (null and research hypotheses) in words and symbols. Explain in a few sentences what it will mean if the research hypothesis is supported or rejected. Using a significance level of p = .05, locate and state the critical value and the degrees of freedom for this test. Explain in a few sentences what these values tell you and how you will use them in the test of the hypothesis. Calculate the statistical test (steps are provided in your reading from this section, as are the critical values and degrees of freedom). Turn in your work (may be in an excel file or a word table that corresponds with the one provided but with the summations and product columns added). State the results in your report in words and with the correct APA-style notation. Explain in words what those results mean. Write a brief discussion about what the results mean in the context of the investigation. What conclusions can be drawn? What conclusions cannot be drawn? What would you recommend the psychologist do next to infer causality? This should be approximately two paragraphs.

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[SOLVED] Workplace Attitudes Essay
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