[SOLVED] Bilingual Student

Being bilingual has been a huge benefit in my life. It allowed me to become a dependable source when it comes to the occupation. I was able to have more opportunities. It was easier when I learned new languages because I understand different grammar structures. I am able to help other people with a language barrier between Korean and English language.  Looking back, it was challenging to grow up as a bilingual child, but it has benefited me in many ways.  I already wrote first paragraph, please finish the rest of body paragraphs (4) as above.  Each paragraph can only be 5 to 7 sentences.   1. A paragraph is a set of sentences that develops a central point or main idea 2. The introductory paragraph is the first paragraph of an essay. It identifies the topic, main idea, and organization of an essay, and it captures the reader’s interest. 3. The thesis statement is usually the last sentence in the introductory paragraph. It states the topic and main idea of each of the supporting paragraphs 4.Body paragraphs contain a topic sentence that deals with a specific part of the thesis statement and supporting sentences that back up the topic sentence 5. The topic sentence of a body paragraph is a more-specific version of the thesis statement. 6. Supporting sentences contain details that back up the topic sentence of a paragraph. 7. The concluding paragraph gives an essay a sense of completeness and helps the reader.

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[SOLVED] Bilingual Student
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