[SOLVED] Business Ethics and Willful Blindness

INSTRUCTIONS: The purpose of this case study is for the student to demonstrate an understanding of the circumstances in which willful blindness and the clear lack of business ethics exist. The student is expected to explore the relationship between willful blindness, business ethics and social responsibility. To successfully meet the requirements of this case study the student must complete the following: Use the internet as a research tool to locate information which addresses a business ethics or social responsibility dilemma regarding a specific company or industry wherein willful blindness and a clear lack of business ethics was applied. After reviewing the research material, address the following: 1) Identify the business by name, along with the products and services the business is most known for. 2) Describe the business scenario and ethical dilemma or the area in which the business failed to demonstrate ethical or social responsibility in sufficient detail. 3) Specifically discuss how the business did not act responsibly to satisfy society by identifying which responsibilities (i.e., responsibility to customers, responsibility to investors, responsibility to employees, responsibility to society/public and the environment) were ignored. To do so, you are required to discuss and cite (using APA format) specific wording from the course text (Pgs 94 – 101) to support your response. 4) Identify how willful blindness exists within the business situation and identify who and what entities were willfully blind? 5) Address what the business could have done differently either before or after the fact to strengthen their ethical approach to the situation?

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[SOLVED] Business Ethics and Willful Blindness
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