[SOLVED] Communication Discussion Paper

evaluate a message that George has sent to his instructor, Dr. Smithe. You will learn how writers adapt their messages to their audience and purpose. You will also learn what happens when a writer doesn’t keep their audience or purpose in mind. When we write something with the intent to share it with others, we have a purpose for that writing. However, sometimes writers aren’t very clear on their purpose or they struggle to communicate their purpose, making it difficult to create an effective message. This week, we are learning about how writing can help us accomplish our goals, and we are going to assess why one student’s written message was unsuccessful in helping the student achieve his goal. George sent the following message to his instructor, Dr. Smithe, to ask for help on his Unit 2 Discussion Board assignment: Hi Mr. Smith, George here. I have been in deep contemplation I need help right now. YOU NEED TO HELP ME WITH THIS. I do not no what I am supposted to do. I am somebody that really wants to be Success in this life, and I am not afraid to Work Hard and I am not afraid to do what is required and no one can keep me from succeeding in life which is why I am a student here. But I also don’t know right now, which is why this Message is being sent so I will wait for your reply back to gain the insight I might need at this time in my class. Dr. Smithe was not sure how to help George and sent a note back asking for additional information, and George felt Dr. Smithe’s response seemed slightly frustrated. Post a Primary Discussion Response by Tuesday in which you discuss why George’s message was unsuccessful in achieving its purpose and caused a bit of frustration for his instructor. Please include your thoughts on the following questions: Discuss who George’s audience is and what George’s purpose is. Provide a few examples of ways George can work to improve his message? As you prepare to respond, consider these guiding questions: How might George better express his purpose (for example, is he missing information that should be included or did he include information that is unnecessary)? How might George better connect with his audience? How might George improve his tone? Are there grammar or spelling errors that George could fix?

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[SOLVED] Communication Discussion Paper
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