[SOLVED] Patents Trademarks and Trade Secrets

Competencies:• Evaluate the social, legal, and philosophical issues related to ethics• Distinguish the legal and ethical issues related to IT security and privacy• Appreciate the code of conduct of an IT professional Task: As a technology consultant you will be working with companies doing business abroad. Not all countries have the same ethical beliefs and policies as you. Issues of intellectual property, patents trademarks and trade secrets all arose. Respond to the following situation, stating both the positive and negative factors of operating in Asia. Be sure to include references. Situation: A company is considering opening manufacturing sites in Asia. However, the leadership of the company has heard from other leaders working in several Asian countries that they lost trade secrets and eventually pulled out. Task Requirements: Elements Exceeds Competency 90 – 100 Situation: Ethics abroad Provides a clear, thorough discussion of ethical issues that arise or could arise when working abroad. Discusses possible different ethical beliefs and practices in Asia specifically and provides supporting documentation. Resources are in APA format. Gives examples from the literature or own experience to enhance understanding.

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[SOLVED] Patents Trademarks and Trade Secrets
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