[SOLVED] Private Equity Writing

Please write a 5-7 double space speech/script on Private Equity. Also Include works cited page.In addition, please confirm referenced information from a couple of sources before stating it as facts.The paper should answer the following questions:A. Information about the job and the industry:-What is the field and job? Who are the customers? Breakdown most important components of the industry (function, provided services, who are customers…)-Who are prominent businesses in field? The biggest players (groupings if appropriate)-What does the job entail? What ‘do you do’ in the job? Hierarchy in the company? How long do you need to work in each level before getting promoted to the next level?-What education do you need to do this job (undergraduate, masters, specific major, etc)?B. Qualitative aspects about the job and the industry:-Nature of the job? Characterize the job: range of duties, how much nonsense is there to deal with…? What are the real characteristics of the job (e.g., lots of Powerpoint, Excel monkey etc)-What is the work-life balance? Approximate number of work hours per day/week required at each level? Do you work weekends? Can you have a life outside of work?-What are the risks and the rewards of the job? How easy to get promotions? How much do you make at each rank in this job? What are exit opportunities after this career? -Who do you work with and interact with in this job?-Are you helping make world a better place through this job? Is it rewarding?-Risks associated with job: physical and mental health, competition against coworkers, opportunity costs…C. Conclusions:To include 1-2 sentences recapping what you do in job (usually summarizing the good aspects), followed by1-2 sentences summarizing bad aspects of the job (i.e. hours being intense, work is boring, whatever is most relevant.

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[SOLVED] Private Equity Writing
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