[SOLVED] Short Response Essay

Write a short response (3-5 fully developed paragraphs) to one of the chapter essay response topics listed below before the deadline.• Describe the role of ethics in a business environment• Explain what it means to be a professional of integrity• Distinguish between ethical and legal responsibilities• Describe three approaches for examining the ethical nature of a decision• Differentiate between short-term and long-term perspectives• Differentiate between stockholder and stakeholder• Discuss the relationship among ethical behavior, goodwill, and profit• Explain the concept of corporate social responsibility• Analyze ethical norms and values as they relate to business standards• Explain the doctrine of ethical relativism and why it is problematic• Evaluate the claim that having a singleethical standard makes behaving consistently easier• React to any “Link to Learning” feature (YouTube videos, readings, etc.) found inside this chapter.• Write your own essay topic from a Chapter 1 subject of interest to you. The topic must be one that could not be answered by merely copying factual information passages from the textbook; instead, it should be one that would stimulate discussion. If you are unable to incorporate a specific, personal example—a real-life story of something someone did or something that actually happened to someone–that illustrates a relevant chapter concept into a response of any of the other essay topics listed above, please select this option.

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[SOLVED] Short Response Essay
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