[SOLVED] The Age of Technology Psychology

“The persuasive capabilities of television and the internet are staggering” (Santrock, 2019, p. 423). Within just a few decades, our country has moved from land lines and pay phones to wireless and constantly connected. With such rapid innovation in technology, advances such as social media have catapulted our society, and our adolescents into a new era.  The internet is no longer used merely for informational purposes and has become a means of connection and entertainment for various age groups.  Social media has specifically impacted and appealed to adolescents. After reading the article by Anna Vanucci and Christine McCauley Ohannessian (2019), compose a discussion board post addressing the following prompts. 1  1.) Based on the article, describe the 3 subgroups identified from this study.  Be sure to use supporting information from the article. 2  2.)  What positive and negative effects of social media were discussed?        3  3.)  Since the study focused on early adolescents, how do you think the results may differ for other older adolescents or young adults?      4.) How does our text concur or differ with the information from the article?  Include a Biblical application with Scripture addressing specific points that stood out from the article.

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[SOLVED] The Age of Technology Psychology
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