[SOLVED] The Secret Life of Bees Writing

Write based off the book “The Secret of the Bees” Word Process all answers in complete sentences. Keep each response under fifty words, except for your one?paragraph answer to number 12. The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd This example of Southern fiction is related from the perspective of fourteen year old Lily Owens whose search for a mother helps her discover her own identity. 1. What is the setting (location and time) for this novel? 2.Give one reason Lily sets out on her journey. 3.What major difference exists between the Owens’ household and the household where August Boatwright lives? 4. Who are May and June? Why does May like Lily and why does June initially dislike Lily? 5. Who are Rosaleen and Zach? Why does Lily love each individual but in different ways? 6. Who are T. Ray and Mr. Clayton? Contrast T. Ray’s attitude to Lily with Mr. Clayton’s attitude to Zach. 7. What is the original source for the Black Madonna labels on the honey jars? In what one way does the Black Madonna unite the women connected to the Boatwright sisters? 8. What is May’s “wailing wall”? What incident triggers her final visit to the wall? 9. Provide two reasons, one negative and one positive, that cause Lily to experience such confused feelings about her real mother, Deborah. 10. What fact from the past draws August and Lily so lovingly together? What does August pass along to Lily that is of so much significance to her and why? 11. Select one passage from this novel that especially appeals to you because of the style in which it is written and the emotion it conveys. Copy out the passage and cite the page number in parentheses after the quotation. Then explain why you chose this passage 12. In a paragraph of five to seven sentences, define what love means for Lily and explain how she learns both to appreciate this emotion and freely return it.

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[SOLVED] The Secret Life of Bees Writing
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