[SOLVED] Art Analysis Essay

PART 1 Link to Record and Submit on VoiceThread: https://voicethread.com/groups/subscribe/22938557/5989c247c/ For your Formal Analysis, you need to pick one piece of art to analyze from Chapters 15-19 of your book.  Read the Attached Sheet on how to write a Formal Analysis and make sure you have watched the video example in this folder. Use both to help you create a video Formal Analysis, which you will record  on our VoiceThread Class Link. In your Video Analysis, you need to create and explain a thesis, which should suggest your interpretation of the work, subject matter/content and let the reader know how the artist’s formal choices affect your understanding of the artwork. You must identify, introduce and contextualize 3 formal elements/principles so the reader understands how each element influences the work interpretation. The video and attached worksheet “Writing a Formal Analysis” will help guide you in creating a draft for your video. Keep your video under 10 minutes, so be concise. This is NOT a “research” assignment. I am not interested any back story, research, history or what other people have to say about the work you choose. I only care about your personal interpretation and how the elements helped you come to that interpretation. Make sure you have a visual so you can point out and explain your elements on the actual work. This should be an image shared on screen and you will record your audio over it. Remember to watch each others videos and you must also respond to 2 classmates analysis. Use “TAG” to help you in your response. T- Tell the speaker something you liked about what they said- be specific A- Ask the speaker a question G- Give the speaker a positive suggestion. Submit your draft or “Essay” to me in this assignment after you have completed the video PART 2  Look deeply at a work of art recognize the ambiguity in art develop visual literacy skills to discuss the artwork effectively communicate visual phenomena discern how particular meanings are conveyed This Visual Thinking Exercise will help you learn to look at Art. It will also help develop the visual literacy skills that you will utilize throughout this semester in this class . Thinking about art, or what is called “aesthetic thought”, is rich and complex.  Aesthetic thinking, utilizes cognitive skills — specifically, observing, speculating, and reasoning on the basis of evidence. Visual Thinking is a discovery process. In this assignment I will be asking you to view the (VoiceThread) Slide Show provided. https://voicethread.com/share/15050276/ Look closely at and answer the follow questions for 3 images. What’s going on in this picture? What do you see what makes you say that? You must comment on each image with your own thoughts and listen to your classmates thoughts on those same images. This is NOT research, I only want to hear your own thoughts on what you see. – When finished Type ” I have completed the assignment” in the the text submission box to turn it in. Although this activity may seem simple, these questions are really asking you to focus, become reflective and to question —the basis for thinking critically. This activity acknowledge art’s ambiguity and its multiple and shaded meanings. Answering the questions in this context is safe (no one is going to be wrong). It is also engaging, and fun (sometimes funny) as we listen and respond to each other’s interpretations. You earn credit for just participating.

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[SOLVED] Art Analysis Essay
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