[SOLVED] Florence Nightingale Theory Paper

Theory Paper Guidelines Objective of this paper is to gain a greater understanding of the application of a nursing theory/theorist, and learn to write a college level paper, apply APA formatting. Directions: Choose a nursing theory we discussed in class (or you read about in your book) this term. In 2-3 pages please discuss the following: Founder of theory, name and important factors of the theory, how the theory can be used in nursing practice. Please see rubric below for specifics. Each bolded “Header” below should be a header in your paper with the content following. 2 peer-reviewed nursing journal articles must be used in the body on the paper (published within the past 5 years)!!!!!!!!.                                               TOPIC CHOSEN IS – FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Introduction Introduce your topic. Here is an opportunity for you to be creative and capture the reader’s attention.   Theory Founder Discuss the founder of your theory; who were they? What was their contributions to nursing practice? Nursing theory?   Important Theory Factors Important factors of the theory? How theory was devised?   Theory in Nursing Practice How can this theory be used by you, a nursing student? How can this theory be used as a professional nurse? In what settings does this theory apply? Why?   Conclusion Bring your paper to a logical closing   APA Formatting Body of paper is 2-3 pages typed (not including title page and reference page).  A minimum of 2 peer-reviewed articles were utilized.

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[SOLVED] Florence Nightingale Theory Paper
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