[SOLVED] Impact of Stress on Learning

The Impact of Stress on Developing and Learning! Please complete, in essay style, numbered responses related to this session’s content, of the following prompts (minimum 700 words total): Kelly McGonigal states in her TedTalk that science has given her a whole new appreciation for stress. Explain her appreciation, with stated benefits of stress (including her discussion of oxytocin), according to the presentation given by Kelly McGonigal? Describe the impact her talk might have on your approach to stress management, both personally as well as in helping students in your classroom? What are potential ways that stress can inhibit learning? How might you explain the concepts related to this matter, presented in this module, to a student or to a parent to promote stress management/reduction? (One paragraph or so…) a.) According to the lesson content and additional reading, name at least 3 strategies proven to help in countering and alleviating stress that you currently practice or intend to practice in your classroom (preferably include at least a couple of strategies mentioned in the lesson that you have not yet practiced), while maintaining high expectations of all of your students. b.) Please share at least one strategy for stress reduction/management that you practice that was not mentioned in the course, that demonstrates/supports responsiveness, flexibility, and persistence for all students to achieve high expectations. Share one stress-relieving, humorous anecdote, story,, or joke that might come in handy in a classroom or other school setting to capitalize on all of the benefits of humor that are mentioned in Suggestion #7 for Teachers

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[SOLVED] Impact of Stress on Learning
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