[SOLVED] Academic Integrity Report

As explained in UMGC’s Philosophy of Academic Integrity, the foundation of our vision is for students to build knowledge, skills, and abilities to achieve their professional aspirations is integrity. Our institutional Academic Integrity Policy outlines guiding principles that support integrity and lists prohibited misconduct.To support your learning about Academic Integrity, we ask that all students in this course complete all Modules of the Academic Integrity Tutorial as a required assignment. Use the tutorial link and complete each of these modules. The certificates you will be earning must be dated no earlier than May 2020. You may be able to use these certificates in future courses.Additionally, to complete the required report, you must:1. Search for two videos on YouTube. 2. Use the search terms: “YouTube plagiarism” and “YouTube paraphrasing.” 3. Locate and watch a video for each term.4. You should have two separate videos: one for plagiarism and one for paraphrasing.5. Include a link to the appropriate video at the end of the two initial paragraphs in your write-up.6. Your report must be specific to this class, and not a copy of a report you created previously. Use examples of activities in this accounting course in your report and use the name and section number of this course: ACCT #### ####.7. If you have recently completed this assignment in a different Accounting course you can build on the report you created at that time, but your submission must specifically reference this class ACCT ### and our assignments.Report RequirementsTo verify your understanding of Academic Integrity, you will need to complete the following:A. Submit a certificate for the last module once you have completed all the modules.B. Submit a four-paragraph report where you:1. Describe what Academic Integrity means to you and the writing resources and tools you can use to prevent academic integrity issues.2. Refer to the videos you located and the content of the Academic Integrity tutorial to explain how you will comply with the policies based upon the assignments (e.g., discussion postings, reports, quizzes, exams, and all other submissions) this semester in this class.3. Write a one-paragraph summary for each of the two videos you viewed, focusing on the key themes covered and how they relate to assignments (e.g., discussion postings, reports) this semester in our class.4. At the end of your report include a reference list with a link and video name for each of the two videos you viewed, a link to the UMGC Academic Integrity Policy, and a link to the UMGC Academic Integrity Modules in APA format.

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[SOLVED] Academic Integrity Report
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