[SOLVED] Defense Mechanisms Presentation

In this assignment, you should accomplish the following learning objectives: Psychology Major Outcomes: Use psychological theory and research to explain/understand human behavior Core Curriculum Outcome: Express ideas and information clearly and confidently Use appropriate technological tools to solve problems effectively Course Outcome: Describe key concepts of 1 of the 6 major theories of personality Apply personality theories to explain human behavior on individual, small group and societal levels Reflect on how personality concepts provide insight into your own personality Module 2 Learning Outcome Apply theoretical concepts to examples of human behavior to analyze personality Description: In this assignment, you will select one of the defense mechanisms we are covering in this class and create a unique way of “teaching” that defense mechanism to others. Your lesson should contain both an understandable definition of the defense mechanism and at least one real-life or applied example of the defense mechanism. Your lesson can include a recorded skit, a song, video, web-based resources, audio or text information. The Assignment: Create a Defense Mechanism Lesson. It should: Be interesting, fun or entertaining but it should also be relevant and relatable. Contain a definition of the defense mechanism you select. The definition should be in your own words and understandable. Taken out of context, most textbook definitions are not understandable so don’t rely on the textbook definition. Contain an applied example. You can use an example from your own life, from a TV show, movie or book, a made-up but realistic example or something from the news media. Explain, show, or provide a reading of the example. Describe to your learner how your example relates to the defense mechanism and to Freud’s ideas about anxiety. What can we learn about personality from this defense mechanism? Why is knowing about this defense mechanism useful? Why might knowing about this defense mechanism be problematic? (Note: you don’t have to answer all of these sub-questions) Provide a source citation in APA style and a link for any material you use or cite. If you aren’t sure how to write an APA source citation, you can find a description and samples for various types of publications here: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/10/  (Links to an external site.)     Technology Tools & Ideas for your Lesson: This assignment requires you to challenge yourself to go beyond a simple discussion board post containing only text. At a minimum, create a pamphlet or mock website, embed a picture or cartoon with explanation, or provide links to external sources. But even better . . . .  Create a Video: Use your phone and convince your friends to act out a skit If you have access to an ipad try the app showme to create an animated whiteboard video. Other apps to create video on an ipad include Airsketch, Explaineverything, and Educreations On a computer try Powtoon (animated videos) or Videoscribe (7 day free trial) for creating handwriting-based animations Design a Cartoon that looks like you and has your voice: Voki.com (15 day free trial) Other ideas: Add voice to powerpoint slides either within powerpoint or with Voicethread Use Prezi to link ideas into a flowing resource – you can add text, slides, youtube videos, and more Try out edpuzzle to add your voice to an existing video or one that you create and upload to youtube Write a song and record yourself singing it (or maybe get a friend to sing it) – please submit your lyrics as well, it’s sometimes hard to follow   psychology of personality class

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[SOLVED] Defense Mechanisms Presentation
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