[SOLVED] Diagnostic Essay Response

PROMPT:This assignment is a diagnostic essay, which aims at evaluating a student’s strengths and weaknesses at writing an essay, based on a specific prompt.It asks you to write a summary/response essay of 2-3 pages (no more than 3, no less than 2) – a one page paper does not count. You are to summarize the talk (in the present tense) and then give your response/reflection on it. The paper should have a thesis statement in the introduction which is related to your response (the speaker’s topic is not YOUR thesis, it is theirs), and a conclusion summing up your thoughts in light of your summary/response. The essay will be a summary response to the TED Talk:. “What’s missing from the American immigrant narrative” – Elizabeth Camarillo Gutierrez Videohttps://www.ted.com/talks/elizabeth_camarillo_gutierrez_what_s_missing_from_the_amer ican_immigrant_narrative language=en Transcript: https://www.ted.com/talks/elizabeth_camarillo_gutierrez_what_s_missing_from_the_american_i mmigrant_narrative/transcript?language=en Your essay should have at least 4 distinct parts: 1) Introduction: Make sure you have a clear thesis – what do you want the reader want to know about this TED Talk and the speaker’s ideas and your thoughts on it? Thesis statements should be in your introduction. The point of your paper – particularly your response – is to use examples to prove your thesis. 2) Summary: Summarize the TED Talk. Note all the important points and themes the speaker uses. You may even (if you can) quote the speaker (for those talks without a transcript, try using the CC – Closed Captions – on Youtube) if they said something you find important or profound. You will be graded based on how well you have summarized what the speaker’s talk was about. You have to assume the reader has NEVER seen the TED Talk. You are in effect introducing it to them with your summary. Your summary should really NOT be more than a page long in a 2-3 page paper. 3) Response: Your response should be the heart and soul of your paper. While your summary is just a restatement of facts your response is how you viewed the 2 Talk. This is where your thesis comes in and where you elaborate on it. What is the point you want to make about the talk? GIVE EXAMPLES from the Talk itself in your responses. 4) Conclusion: Your conclusion should summarize YOUR thoughts/responses based on the examples you have given. It should be your final reflections on your original thesis and on the TED Talk.

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[SOLVED] Diagnostic Essay Response
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