[SOLVED] Mental Health Awareness Policy Brief

oABSTRACT     Step 1: Define the context o    Step 2: State the problem §  In order to develop a well-defined problem statement, data are needed.  Use the information you gathered for your annotated bibliography, as well as additional resources to support your case.  Consider: ·       Is there a discrepancy between what exists and the ideal planned condition or desired outcome? ·       Is the reason for this difference unclear? ·       There should be more than one possible solution to the problem o    Step 3: Search for Evidence §  Again, building on the work you did for your annotated bibliography, identify significant features of the problem and how it might be solved or mitigated §  It helps to have a very narrow focus for your research here –  this is where it is easy to get overwhelmed with the volume of available information – please reach out to your instructor if you need assistance. o    Step 4: Consider different policy options §  Identify alternative courses of action §  It is crucial to consider context here.  How are the different options capturing the needs of a diverse constituency? o    Step 5: Project the outcomes of the identified options §  What is feasible for your agency? o    Step 6: Apply evaluative criteria §  Questions to consider: ·       How do the options contribute to the health needs of your agency’s target population? ·       How do the options take into consideration the experiences of marginalized groups your agency may serve?  o    Step 7: Weigh the outcomes §  Discuss how the alternatives should be converted into possible outcomes for your agency §  What would implementation look like – what are the pros/cons/trade-offs? o    Step 8: Make the decision/recommendation §  Be sure to address how your recommendation would impact the clients your organization serves taking into consideration the diversity of identities your organization serves – racial/ethnic minorities, LGB+ individuals, transgender and non-binary individuals, individuals impacted by ableism, etc….

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[SOLVED] Mental Health Awareness Policy Brief
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