[SOLVED] Professional Dilemma Paper

The purpose of the final paper is to provide an opportunity for you to apply the principles of professional responsibility to an actual, specific business situation. Choose a situation with which you have first-hand familiarity. You may have been a major or minor actor in the situation, or a witness. The situation should raise ethical and/or legal issues. It would not be appropriate to analyze a situation if you were not in a position to observe it directly.  Systematically and critically analyze the situation using relevant concepts from the course, and reflect on its significance for you as a business professional.  Structure your paper as follows: Context: Describe the context within which the situation arose, including the industry, business practices, and other relevant factors, including team dynamics, personalities, etc. Make it detailed and rich enough to provide a clear sense of the ethical and/or legal dilemma(s) (500-1000 words max). Analysis: Analyze the dilemma using the course readings. Apply methods of philosophical, psychological, and legal reasoning to the situation and examine the results of this application. Ultimately, what do you think is/was the ethical course of action given the situation? (2000-3000 words). Resolution & Recommendation:  Describe how the situation was actually resolved. How does the resolution relate to your analysis (immediately above)? If it was not actually resolved then what are the possible options and the pros and cons of each option? What significance does this dilemma and your response to it have for you as a business professional? Finally, how might this dilemma/situation have been avoided or mitigated by better ethical design of the organization? Criteria for Review Evaluation: good performance (hence a good grade) consists of systematically and critically analyzing the situation using relevant concepts and methods from the course, and reflecting on its significance for you as a business professional.  3000-4000 words not including footnotes (approx 8-12 pages) Cite at least 5 relevant sources from the course materials using footnotes Put course concepts in bold.

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[SOLVED] Professional Dilemma Paper
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