[SOLVED] The Shinning by King Review

Now that we have completed reading the first two parts (pages 1-145) of The Shining, it is time to consider our response to what we have read. Before getting started, keep in mind that response papers are meant to be very informal. This isn’t a research paper or an essay where you need to refer to sources outside of the novel itself. When you write a response paper you are not meant to write a review or a rating. Instead, you are simply describing your own personal interpretation of an event or events that occurred within a chapter or a series of chapters. I consider it much like a conversation you might have with a friend after watching a film together, or it could be like a point you might raise and defend in a book group discussion. Consider the parts of the story that have stood out most to you so far, and write a response based on that. Use quotations from the chapters to highlight any points you want to discuss. For instance, you may choose to focus on the characters themselves or you may want to consider how the setting influences the story up to this point. The hotel, as we know, is much like a character in itself. Perhaps you might want to write about symbolism or foreshadowing. King is very good at creating tense, suspenseful scenes that leave us on the edge of our chairs. Perhaps you could write about that. Again…it is left up to you for this first response paper. I don’t want to set strict parameters of what you may discuss. Instead, I am eager to know your interpretations and to discuss the novel further with you based on what you see as being significant. TWO typed pages, double spaced and formatted according to current MLA standards. PLEASE IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THIS BOOK LET ME KNOW, my book is arriving next week that why I am asking for help

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[SOLVED] The Shinning by King Review
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