[SOLVED] Abuse Reporting Argument

The Prompt Laws regarding the required reporting of child maltreatment vary by state. In North Carolina, ALL individuals, not just medical professionals and teachers, are considered mandatory reporters. This means if you suspect abuse or neglect, you have a legal responsibility to report it.  As of 2020, prenatal substance abuse is NOT considered child maltreatment and individuals are NOT mandated to report suspected cases in North Carolina.  For this discussion post, you are going to debate with one another about the pros/cons of mandatory reporting of women abusing substances while pregnant. Depending on your last name, you will either argue in support of or against mandatory reporting of prenatal substance abuse.  Please use information from the powerpoint slides, book, and materials posted on Moodle regarding teratogens, sensitive periods, and the prenatal development to bolster your argument. Lastly, even though this is a debate, remember to be respectful and professional. Your post should include the following:  A brief definition of “teratogen” Two specific examples of teratogens (i.e. caffeine, not drugs) and 3 potential effects on the developing fetus  A coherent, logical, fact-based argument for/against mandatory reporting of prenatal substance abuse Students with a last names beginning with letters N – Z: argument against mandatory reporting and/or screening Grading Criteria:  For a satisfactory score, your post should include specific support from course materials, including any readings, videos, or lecture notes, your own experiences, or other sources as detailed in the assignment instructions. Each post should include APA citations for the sources of your specific information.  Use those articles for sources : Human development a life span view 8 edition robert v.kail, john C.cavanaugh chapter 2 https://www.guttmacher.org/state-policy/explore/substance-use-during-pregnancy https://www.childwelfare.gov/pubPDFs/parentalsubabuse.pdf

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[SOLVED] Abuse Reporting Argument
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