[SOLVED] Career Inheritances Discussion

Post initial discussion after reading Chapter 3 & 4 in your text. Be sure to include evidence of content related to your text. Each discussion question will be posted in a separate thread within the Week 2 Discussion Board. Each response should be answered completely totaling at least 50 words per thread. Background: The text discusses the concept of career inheritances. The text communicates careers consist of inheritances and personal actions. Inheritances can be a result of birth as well as inherited from our background, childhood, and family experiences. These inheritances can influence our careers both positively and negatively. Typically, we have limited control of inheritances. Considering career inheritances allows us, to some extent, to predict aspects of our careers in advance. Discussion Questions: What career inheritances did you receive? Consider birth inheritances as well as environmental influences – background, childhood, family, etc. How have your career inheritances influenced, or not, your career choices? Being more aware of career inheritances, can you predict any future aspects of your career?

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[SOLVED] Career Inheritances Discussion
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