[SOLVED] Geocentrism and Heliocentrism Evaluation

Galileo used the powers of scientific observation, including recently developed telescope technology, to conclude that the Earth and other planets revolved around a stationary Sun (heliocentrism). The Catholic Church, however, maintained that the Sun and other planets revolved around the Earth (geocentrism) and declared that anyone who argued otherwise was a heretic and liable for excommunication.  Using your readings from the text and the documents below, write an essay of at least 600 words that addresses the following questions: Why did Catholic leaders believe that Galileo was a heretic? In other words, what about his writings threatened them and why? Why did Galileo believe that he was not a heretic? What did he claim that the Church misunderstood? In your opinion, was Galileo a heretic?  Use only provided attachments to qoute and resource.

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[SOLVED] Geocentrism and Heliocentrism Evaluation
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