[SOLVED] Humanities Question Writing

Don’t use an outside resource. this the Video: 5 ways to listen better (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSohjlYQI2A) 1.     What do you think my intent was behind assigning the reading and video on listening? Listening, in this case, means actually paying attention to sounds and words, be they in a reading, a post, music, or film. Knowing this, what are your “takeaways” from the materials? 2.    How do you think engaging with the Humanities might inform your educational experience within your academic discipline? In your chosen career? Are the Humanities necessary? 3.     If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences”  – W.I. Thomas’s theorem. Now that you have read a brief explanation of this, can you identify any situations in your own life where this is the case? IE: I am mixed-race (Choctaw and Irish-American). However, I grew up with my southern Indigenous family during a small part of my early years. They taught me that it was inappropriate to stare at someone’s face when speaking to them. This became a problem when we moved to be closer to my mom’s family in Chicago, to Gary, Indiana, where teachers and others perceived this behavior as me being deceptive or unresponsive. This had very real consequences on occasions when my mother was called to the school for problems stemming from some authority figure’s perception.

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[SOLVED] Humanities Question Writing
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